How to Be His Dream Girl?

If you crave to be his dream girl then bear in mind that it’s not about your looks, it’s about your attitude. Your attitude is the only thing that can make you a dream girl for a man.

Most of the women erroneously speculate that only their looks have the power to allure the emotions of a man. And, why shouldn’t they speculate? Today’s media, and immense amount of advertisement, impel women to believe that the looks are everything. So, consequently, and unconsciously, most women blame their looks and question their own beauty when it comes to attracting men.

Elite Attitude

It would be utterly unfair to say that your looks don’t matter at all. Of course they matter, but only for the time being. Your looks bring up the sexual emotions of a man, but not the emotions of love.

In today’s society, it’s very easy to observe how women attract men through their looks. But, it’s also very easy to observe that that kind of attraction fades away very soon. It’s only temporary. Men dump women after some time and run after the others. This actual life scenario is enough to prove that looks aren’t that much important if you want to become a dream girl for your man, or in your relationship.

“The elite attitude of a woman builds a real cycle of attraction and raises the emotional feelings of a man.”

Fortunately, you completely possess your attitude. You have an absolute power to make your desired man chase you whole life with the emotions of love.

Here I am revealing one of the most important ways of possessing the elite attitude so that you can easily become a dream girl for a man.

Equal Investment

Equal investment of romance, affection, love, and sex is essential in the relationship if you desire smashing success. When you make a man invest in you, or in the relationship, you outright lift up your standards in his eyes and indirectly force him to do something special for you in order to earn your love.

If you provide your love freely, and without any expectations, and if you don’t force your man to invest in you, you ultimately make yourself, and your efforts, worthless. Your man doesn’t take you seriously and treat you like an ordinary girl. And, that’s what you don’t want.

In the beginning of a relationship, a woman pays close attention and takes note of her man’s need. She fulfills the every small need of her man and expects to be the best in his eyes. But unfortunately, this thing becomes the kiss of death in the relationship and lessens her man’s respect for her. Her man abandons his responsibilities and stops investing in the relationship.

There isn’t a single relationship in this world that can be successful without equal investment of affection, romance, and love.

“If you call him often, he should call you often too. If you prepare special dinners for him, he should take you to the candle light dinners too. If you make him feel like a king, he should make you feel like a queen too.”

There should always be the equal investments from both sides.

In case, you feel that you are becoming too much malleable in the relationship and investing more than him, stop immediately. Because, the more investment you do than him in the relationship, the more he takes you for granted, and the more he doesn’t care about you.

We all have grown up in a society that confuses love. Our society always teaches us that love is beautiful and unconditional. We shouldn’t expect anything in return when we deeply love someone. However, I feel this is utterly wrong. If a person whom we love intensely doesn’t love us back with the same intensity, and doesn’t try to make us happy, then from where the love is beautiful? I simply don’t understand this logic of the society.

Investment from one side only creates melodramas and brings disaster. On the other hand, equal investment creates happy life, romantic relationship, and healthy love.

So, just let him know he needs to earn you. If he won’t invest in the relationship, you’ll also stop investing. He needs to give special moments before enjoying the desirable moments with you. When he’ll realize he cannot have your affection that easily and freely, he will start investing in you, and in the relationship… You will automatically become a dream girl of your man.

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