Hello Stranger! How Some People Make So Much of an Impression on Your Lives Just by Walking by You

Hello Strangers

I know like so many people I walk down the same path to work every morning. I have a usually slower walk than most hurrying to work. The one thing I wanted to write about for ages are how some people make so much of an impression on your lives just by walking by you.

It started two years ago when I started my new job. I was at home for a year so used to be so excited to just wake up in the morning and leave home to go to work. I loved my morning walk. It was a 20 minute walk which if you have been to Bristol is the path from the Temple Meads station to the Harbour side cutting across Queen Square Park. I love walking across the bridge over looking the boats and the view of the Castle Park. It is such a beautiful sight in the morning. The old and the new in the same line of sight and you a small speck of the present walking through just experiencing the wonder that it brings.

When ever I entered the park I always crossed a woman whom made me smile every morning and this is dedicated to her.

Mrs M was a short woman with long dark hair and was always in a hurry she took steps so much faster than possible from her small frame and often looked like she was just sailing across the path. She wore vibrant clothes and carried a large bag which often was half of her height. How I loved the sight of her she was always so colourfully dressed and seemed so content and happy with life in general. It must have been June we started passing each other everyday first a glance, then slowly after weeks a reluctant smile started. I think we just smiled at each other every morning for months without wanting anything more. Every morning when ever I reached the park I searched for her frame to appear somewhere and felt happy whenever she did. We were still at smiles and nothing more neither never wanting to stop or to know each other more we were simply happy to just feel the other’s presence. During that period I became pregnant and by next year after Christmas I was showing a small bump I could see her beam more at me now every time she passed. I felt as if she knew. And by April there was no mistaking that my baby girl was on her way. Then one day when I was walking much slowly now as my gait had become, Mrs M stops. I still remember her face all happy for me.

“Congratulations! When are you due?”

“August 5th.”

“Do you know if you’re expecting a boy or a girl?”

“A girl”

“Are you happy with that?”


“I am so happy for you. Bless you.”

She starts walking and so do I, happy and beaming from ear to ear. From then on we look fondly at each other every morning as if we are now connected. Then I go off on maternity leave in June and forget all about her. Then one of my office friend with whom I normally had lunch tells me she was sitting in the park during lunch when Mrs M comes to her and said “I have seen you with that girl who was pregnant; Is she OK? Did she have her baby?” She told her I had a baby girl and we both are doing well. She looked really happy and said “Thank you” and left.

After a whole year of never seeing her again, I return to work in July this year. The first day work, I was asked to come in later at 9:45 once everyone is in so that I know where and what everyone is up to. I walk down the same path and there she is Mrs M, walking hurriedly looking down at the ground. When I come close she looks up and a smile as wide as mine spreads across her face.

“How have you been how is your baby?”

“We are doing good she will be one in another week”

“My god has it really been that long how time flies”

“Yes today is my first day back at work after maternity”

” Really? Don’t worry you will be fine, Bless you, Take care!”

“You too”

And I walk towards my office so happy to have met a long lost friend.

Now I work from 8 o’clock in the morning instead of 9 when I used to see her every morning. I often remember her and scan faces to check if she is around. I know even if I did see her I won’t exchange numbers or details. She is the beautiful stranger who has made my journey memorable and always made me smile.

This is dedicated to her, people who make a difference just by being there.

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