Halloween Ideas – Sookie Stackhouse Fancy Dress Costume and Other True Blood Halloween Costume Ideas

A Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume is just one example of a fancy dress outfit that has been inspired by a television programme. The programme is called True Blood.

There are other Halloween costume ideas that can be gleaned from the show. Here are just a few thoughts that you might like to consider for your next fancy dress event.

Ideas from the True Blood television series

There are several fancy dress costume ideas that can be derived from the television programme True Blood. It is set in a small town in Louisiana and is about a young woman called Sookie Stackhouse, who works at a place called Merlotte’s bar. The initial series focused on her relationship with a vampire called Bill. We watched their unlikely romance blossom, while all those around them looked on in disgust and anger. The show progressed and delved into other areas including witchcraft, magical mystery and a whole lot of mayhem.

Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume Idea

The Sookie Stackhouse costume is a popular fancy dress outfit because her uniform is very distinctive. He wears a work t-shirt, emblazoned with company name, a pair of sexy black shorts, a green apron and the look can be finished off with a black tray and waitress writing pad.

Vampire Bill Compton Halloween Costume Tips

If you are a man, you could dress up as vampire Bill Compton. His outfit is less distinctive but still works well. He wears a pair of dark jeans, a checked shirt, a battered leather jacket and, because he is a vampire, a set of fangs for teeth. You could go the extra mile by using white face powder so that your have the pale skin of someone who is a member of the undead. And you could also add a slither of red make-up around the mouth, to symbolise blood.

Vampire Eric Northman Fancy Dress Outfit Ideas

The other vampire that could inspire you is another sexy specimen of a man. He is Eric Northman. He runs the vampire bar and used to be bill’s superior. As the series progresses, these characters develop and change roles. They were both the love interest for Sookie Stackhouse, which made for a very intriguing mixture of love, lust, jealousy and betrayal.

Eric Northman’s character oozes confidence and is extremely arrogant, which naturally makes him more appealing. His outfit mainly consists of dark clothes, very casual but always smart. He has blonde hair so you might need to invest in a wig if you want to look authentic, though it isn’t completely necessary. Be sure to add the white face powder and the vampire fangs too.

These are just some of the ideas that you could come up with when you use a television programme such as true blood as a source of inspiration. The most important thing is that you have fun with your fancy dress outfit.

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