Getting Over Your Ex Relationship

Do you feel like you’re staying at the Heartbreak Hotel, friend? Well, don’t be a broken record, you can break out of this heartbreak before the breakfast bell rings.

Every one of us has been through this exact same situation. Going through a breakup is a very difficult thing to do, it’s common feel a ton of different emotions; sadness, guilt, anger, worthlessness. It’s the gamut of emotions and there is nothing worse than not getting over it. It takes a long time, no doubt.

Believe it or not, writing it all out may be one of the best ways to get these emotions out of you. Writing is a very therapeutic activity that can get you in touch with your feelings. You do not have to be a poet. Remember, nobody else has to read what you write.

Recording these words helps you to understand them. Working through the pain can help prepare you for saving the relationship or going into a new relationship without emotional baggage.

After a breakup, life tends to take the backseat and your broken heart becomes the center of your attention. Unfortunately, the fastest way to get over heartache is to put your focus back on your life.

Something called controlled grieving can be a real lifesaver. The goal of the grieving process is learning to live with loss, which is a part of life. Take some minutes out in a day and use them in this way.

That’s one way to free up your time to use as you wish the other times of the day. Healing after a broken heart may seem like an insurmountable task but it is not. Spend a lot of time on other things.

Remember that we all tend to romanticize the thing that has gone to the wayside. Reminiscing about the good old times is normal, but don’t dwell on them, because that is obsessive. You don’t want to be obsessive.

So, whenever you feel that kind of angst again, you can remind yourself that your ex really is kind of a douche bag who rubbed your face in the pain in the first place.

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