How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Even If She is Seeing Someone Else

There’s a lot of information available about getting your ex back but unfortunately much of it is not as useful as it could be. Why is this? Well, all too often the information comes in a “one size fits all” box and this just isn’t how relationships are. Is your relationship the same as everyone else’s? Of course not. Are the circumstances of your breakup the same as everyone else’s? No, of course not. Your girlfriend is unique and your situation is unique so you need a strategy to win back your ex girlfriend which is tailored to your own situation.

The major problem with “get your ex back” books is that they are aimed at both men and women. But men and women are completely different. What works for getting back a boyfriend will not work for getting back a girlfriend and vice versa. Why? Because male and female psychology are very different. And it’s understanding female psychology which is at the heart of any successful strategy to get an ex girlfriend back.

Why is psychology important? Well, think about this. If you are able to understand your girlfriend’s mind then you will know exactly what you must not do if you don’t want to push her further away. You will also discover exactly what you should be doing to make her come running back to you. Yes, that really is possible. Female psychology really is the key to winning back your ex girlfriend.

Another problem with most books is that they only provide one method for getting your ex back. But there are several categories of breakup and what is appropriate for one could be disastrous if used in another situation. It’s crucial that you learn which category your breakup is in and then pick the strategy designed for your situation. It’s also not really enough to be told a strategy. You have to understand the thinking behind it as only then can you fine-tune it to your own situation. If you know why you are following a particular course of action then you will be able to adapt it as your own circumstances change – it just isn’t possible to provide a blue print for everybody’s relationship difficulties (although this is what so many books try to do).

To sum up, to get your ex girlfriend back you need a strategy designed to be used by men who want to get a woman back. It should provide different approaches for the various types of relationship breakup which can occur and lastly it should explain in detail the thinking behind each strategy so that you can adapt it to your own unique situation.

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