How to Get a Boyfriend (For Teens)

This is strictly for teenagers. To get a boyfriend, you should start dressing very neatly. Make sure that your appearance is always spruce. Make sure that you don’t piss boys off.

To get a boy friend be very sociable. Do not make your self cheap in the name of being sociable. Boys do not like girls who easily mingle and play with every body in the hood. They prefer one that sticks to them and only them. Boys like boasting with their girl. So if you want to get a boy friend, you have to be calm when you are in the midst of many friends as in boys.

Don’t be misled by the appreciations boys throw at you when ever you are around them. Try and be very polite each time you are in the midst boys. They easily get pissed with someone who is full of insolence.

To get a boyfriend, if you like a particular boy, don’t tell him that you like him. If you do he may take you for granted. Use other means to convey it to him. You can show him that by smiling to him each time his eye bulbs catches your own.

Find out his birthday. Pay him visit that day with other friends of his. Make sure you give a good birthday card that conveys a massage that shows that you care.

To get a boyfriend, attend social functions. When you do exhibit act of intelligence. Such act will build a lot of attention on you. Hence, you will get attracted to so many people. These steps are sure step on how to get a boyfriend by teenagers.

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