Game Ideas for Christmas Parties and Christmas Invitation Wording

The holidays, especially Christmas, are exciting times for grown ups and kids, and that includes participating in some really exciting Christmas holiday party games enjoyed at family parties, office and business celebrations, and any other type celebration. You can read an awful lot about Christmas invitation wording ideas, family parties, gifts, trees, decorations, songs, and more, but not as much seems to be written about popular Christmas games for adults and kids. For these reasons, you’ll find a few that will definitely bring excitement and fun to your holiday Christmas party celebration.

Build-a-Snowman Content: Assuming there is snow and you can go outside and play in it, have a snowman building content and judge based on originality and speed. You could have two winners: most original and fastest completed.

Snowball Fight & Throwing: Before starting, make a large target much like a bulls eye in the snow using food coloring. Then mark the areas by points earned just like shuffleboard or a dartboard. Then, each guest is given the same number of snowballs and attempts to hit the bull’s eye. The person with the most points, wins.

Christmas Tree Decorating as a Person: Using ornaments, green crepe papers, tinsel, or whatever else you have on hand, decorate your tree, (human being) as creative as possible. You can have two winners here: the first to finish and the most creative.

Stocking Filling: Before starting, divide your guests into teams. Then, begin by having each team member take turns racing to fill his team’s hanging stocking. However, both teams should be given a spoon to use to fill the stocking with wrapped candy. And, of course, the team that finishes first, wins.

Gift Exchange with Roll the Dice: Ask all your party guests to sit in a circle and place a gift in front of each one. Begin by playing a popular Christmas Carol while one to three dice are being passed around, spacing them out evenly. Each player rolls and then passes the dice to his left. If a player rolls a six, then that player can trade packages with any of the other players he chooses. At the end of the song, everyone keeps the package he has in front of him.

Find Christmas Words: Using your favorite Christmas words, ask you guests to make as many smaller words from the words you select like, reindeer, Santa Clause, poinsettia, stocking, Christmas, and other within a specific time period.

Gift Exchange by Theme: Before the party, you will need to select a theme the gifts. In your Christmas party invitation wordings, you should ask each guest to bring a gift of $25 or less with the theme you have chosen. Then, after your guests have arrived, you can begin the traditional take a number party game, and the winner gets the pick of the gifts. The last person to choose gets his choice among the gifts.

Movie or Photo Booth Contest: Set the stage with silly backdrops and props for your guests to perform their silly act in front of the others. You might consider filming it for an even more hilarious play back thrill.

Gifts by Birth Years: Before the party, be sure your invitation wordings for Christmas includes a request for all of your party guest to send you the year they were born. Then, sort all this information and ask each of your invited guests to buy a gift for that person you drew associated with the year they were born. Ask you guests to be creative and ingenious.

Regardless of the holiday Christmas games you decide to enjoy with your guest, the primary objective is to just have fun and enjoy the gathering among family and friends. And, above all, everyone should practice good gamesmanship, sportsmanship, and keep a good sense of humor, since embracing the spirit of the holidays is the true name of the game.

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