Free Persons Searches – Have You Tried It Via Facebook?

Is this a description of you? You are not really the “techie” type. You would rather not. But after much prodding from your officemates or friends at school, you finally give in. Yes, that is the one – having an account at Facebook.

There are approximately 400 active million users of Facebook all over the globe, and if you are reading this at a point where you still have no account at the most popular social networking site. Let us just say, you are different than most. It really easy to have your own account there, and the best part is, it is free!

So finally you chosen your username and password and specified the correct information. You are good to go. As you log in and inform your friends, you get so many “friend requests”. It is now up to you whether you deny or confirm those requests.

Since it was a free social networking site, I attempted to do free persons searches on it and my limited experiences are as follows:

1. Try the search box. At the middle portion of the top page, you will find a search box with a tiny magnifying glass icon. Type the actual name of the person you are looking for hit the enter key.

2. You might get a “hit”. If the person you are looking for anywhere in the world has an account set to be seen by “everyone”, you will see a listing of all names that match or are similar to the one you typed. You will get some suggestions though. When you find who you are looking for, send them a “friend request”. You now just have to wait for their confirmation so that you can begin your exchanges with them.

3. Your might get a list of related URL’s. Should there be no “displayable” records found for your query, you will be given a list of URL’s where that name or something related to it was cited. It works exactly like a search engine. From there you can point and click and to see if you find connection points, if any.

4. You might have a “no results found”. This is certainly a common outcome. Especially for those who value their privacy, they may have facebook accounts but have elected not to be “visible” unless initiated by a confirmed friend.

5. Find other friends through common friends. Once you have your account running, and you have a brood of confirmed friends, you can check out their home pages to see who their friends are. And if you had the same circle of influences from some time back, it is likely you will find some of their there. Use those links to initiate friend requests.

6. Use a paid service to locate social networks involved in. If after all the above and your searches yield nothing, perhaps you should consider a paid service search for the social network sites.

Enjoy your social networks!

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