I Found My Old Friend With a Free People Search

I have always heard of free people search services. I never gave one a chance because I have always thought that nothing is really “for free”. My attitude was changed a few months ago when I was was desperately wanting to find a lost lost friend from college.

Jenna, was my best friend at Northeastern University. She was a fun, beautiful girl who always lit up the room whenever she walked through the door. She was always available to all her friends in their times of trouble.

After graduation, we both moved to opposite ends of the country to pursue our careers. We stayed in touch for about 10 years but unfortunately fell out of contact with each other throughout the years.

I have always wondered what had happened to my good friend. I had used phone directories from the area of her last know address to no prevail. I even wrote a few of our mutual friends but they also didn’t have any information that would lead me to finding her.

A few months ago, I was surfing the Internet and found a site that promised a free people search. Even though I was skeptical, I went ahead and signed up for the free service. It was painless and it was free. After signing up I then conducted the free people search for my friend. After about 3 minutes I received the information that I had been looking for. I immediately called my long lost friend and we had a great one hour conversation. We now write and talk to each other on the phone at least once a week.

Free people search sites do work. You just have to find the right service to use and have a small amount of information to include in your search.

Shawn Stone is a private investigator in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. He is a seasoned veteran specializing in finding missing people and searching for lost friends and family. He has successfully used people search sites for himself as well as his customers. Visit his reviews of free people search services at [http://www.pro-peoplesearch.com]

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