Your Family Deserves a Better You

It is always a problem when you are faced with some situations that you feel should not have come your way. But when you are in a fix how do you transmit that anger or stress to your family or those around you? Or better still, how do you manage it?

How many times have you spoken words that are full of life to your family members? How often do you castigate instead of correcting? Do you correct harshly or constructively?

You know it is possible to live a good life once you decide to in relation to your family’s good health and happiness and even as far as your neighbors are concerned. Or how do you think it feels when your children begins to label you a dictator or a fighter? My uncle once said,” You can only be angry if you decide you want to be angry.” In order words, you can control your emotions and instead of pouring out in anger, you can turn that anger to a soothing experience for all around you.

When you run into troubled waters, you ought to be enriched by the experience of the challenge and not allow the challenge to consume you.Instead of just getting on and getting by in life,carrying open wounds and pouring fuel on the fire of anger and bitterness, why not see it as an opportunity to not only heal but also improve your life and that of your family by bringing radiant joy into their lives. You will be the greatest beneficiary of it all.

Yes you can improve yourself and those around you by deciding you want to be happy irrespective of the challenges confronting you. Just take away the anger and put on a graceful countenance. Don’t forget that song, ” Don’t worry, be happy.”

My name is Nath Ewedafe and a consultant in building a unique family setup that thrives on radiant love, joy and good healthy lifestyle. However, the experience have never the less been wonderful and interesting.You may visit my blog at [] or contact me by email : [email protected]

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