Essentials of a Happy Relationship

Relationships come in many forms. May it be professional, romantic, friendship-based or business, we wanted one thing; for it to be happy and healthy. Our relationships define us. It shows how we are not just as a person but a partner, a team member and even a subordinate or co-employee. Our relationships build our whole being; it helps develop us and increases our socialization skills. But how do we really create a happy relationship? This has bogged the minds of experts and psychologists. Although science has some explanation on their own, we can sum up the ingredients of a happy and lasting relationship into 4 things.

First, Shower your relationships with love. Time, effort, attention, kindness and respect are essentials in a relationship. Do this by purposely creating time to be together. Be connected by specific activities and be consistent in keeping them. It is important that you regard your time together as sacred and important. Exert efforts to keep them. When you have established these, it will continue to happen and will be part of your routine.

Second, show kindness. This is important because it shows that when you treat your loved ones with kindness you care for them. This may come in simple forms as little as speaking politely, be affectionate, smile and show appreciation, encourage and be gentle. These little things help strengthen the bond that you and your loved ones have.

Third, remember to put people over tangible things. Be sensitive to others’ needs and put them before any material things. A good relationship cannot be exchanged for all the wealth in the world. Show them that they are more important than money or material goods.

Last is to help them realize their true potential. Help your loved ones become successful by supporting them. Genuinely show them how your share their dreams and objectives and help them reach it. You can only be truly happy once you see your loved ones happy. Share their dreams and live it.


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