How To Earn His Respect – Top 3 Steps Revealed

When a woman starts her marital life, she’s very much pleased and satisfied. She receives a high degree of respect and love from her husband. She feels that her husband has put her on the royal throne and laid the fresh flowers in her every path.

But, unfortunately, the royal throne on which she sits topples after some time. Sad eyes and wet smiles become her fate. Her husband stops giving her respect and begins to treat her like a lower level woman. He neither gives importance to her words, nor does he care about her feelings. In a way, her wife becomes meaningless for him.

How to Earn His Respect

In a relationship, most of the women choose such methods, for earning their man’s respect, which prove largely unsuccessful. Their methods and techniques create no effect on their man.

If you want to earn your man’s respect, you need to take those steps which can influence your man’s psychology. Because, a man’s mind works exactly different than a woman’s mind. His thinking patterns and feelings are completely different. You cannot expect him to think, or feel, like you.

Here I am telling you three steps, because of which you cannot only earn his respect but also compel him to love you more and more, again and again. These three steps create a very serious effect on his psychology and make him worship you with love – whole life.

Step 1: Be Visually Pleasing

The very first thing you have to do is to be ‘Visually Pleasing’ for your man. Because, men are visualizers. They feel what they see. Whenever they see a woman who looks visually pleasing, they feel attraction for her. They try to respect her in every possible way, so that they can get her attention and spend some love-packed moments.

If you believe that your man will be attracted to your words and begin to respect you, it would be a mistake. This will never happen.

“You have to win his eyes, not ears.”

The more you’ll look good to him visually, the more he’ll give you respect. That’s why, it’s important for you to focus more on your visual appearance than your interaction with him.

Step 2: Overtake His Expectation

Most of the women think that it’s impossible to keep a man happy in the relationship. According to them, men’s love always fades away after some time, and they stop giving respect to their woman.

To some extent, a person can agree that this statement of women is right. But, you cannot say that it’s a complete truth. I agree, there is no doubt that women do too much work to earn their man’s respect. But, unfortunately, they do those works in which men normally have no interest.

A man always gives importance to those things which he wants. He doesn’t care about the other extra works which you do for him. He wants only what he expects from you. I know it’s rude, but it’s completely true. Therefore, avoid doing extra works which do not affect him. Just focus only on those things which he expects from you. This is the only way you can overtake his expectation.

Step 3: Develop At Least One “Grand” Factor

Do you have at least one “Grand” factor in your personality, like leaders, superstars, and sports players?

In order to earn the respect of your man, you should must have at least one grand factor in your personality. Because, when there is a grand factor in your personality, your value increases a lot; you become extremely attractive for everyone. And, your man feels proud that you are his wife.

For developing a ‘grand’ factor in your personality, first, you have to think of what you are an expert at. Because, it’s very necessary to become an expert in something. When you are an expert in something, people begin to recognize you. And, that’s when your ‘Grand Factor’ develops.

Now it’s up to you in which you field you want to become an expert.

– You can become an expert chef.

– You can become an expert horse rider.

– You can become the best fitness model/instructor.

This is a final and very effective step. Your value and respect increase a lot in your man’s eyes. He begins to think that you are the most valuable wife on earth. He not only loves you but also keeps you like a respectable queen.

Take Action:

In order to earn your man’s respect, you need to do some practical things right now.

Step 1: Be Visually Appealing

Always remember, for being visually pleasing,

Sometimes you have to look SWEET,

Sometimes you have to look SEXY, and

Sometimes you have to look GORGEOUS.

These three forms of women are very visually appealing to men. Your ‘Visual Appeal’ is the first step towards earning his respect.

Step 2: Overtake His Expectation

This second step is very important. You have to find those “Top 10 Things That Make Him Happy”. For example: sex, food, and adventure etc.

Just focus only on those 10 things, because that’s how you’ll overtake his expectations so easily.

Step 3: Develop At Least One ‘Grand’ Factor

Think. What do you want to be known for? “Become an expert in it.”

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