Differentiating Between The Progressive And Traditional Relationship

Married couples can be classified into two segments – the progressive and the traditionalist. But what exactly are these two and which is the ideal one?

The traditionalists are those who follow what society believes the normal roles of a husband and a wife. In this case, the husband is the breadwinner or provider and works hard to support his family while the wife takes care of the home and their children. In short, this is the old fashioned setup of a family wherein the husband is the one earning a living while the wife stays at home.

The progressives, on the other hand, are those who live differently in a way that they don’t follow the traditional setup. Both the husband and wife work and sometimes, the wife could be earning more than her spouse. In other words, they don’t really stick to the usual roles or the norm. In some cases especially when it’s highly needed, the husband can change positions with the wife and become the homemaker. This is the reason why the men should also learn to do the household tasks and improve on their cooking and cleaning skills because you never know when you could put them into practice.

In today’s world, it’s no surprise why more women are getting educated and earning advanced degrees. They have become non-traditionalists and have, in fact, entered the men’s world. And so it is that many women these days hold higher positions in corporate organizations and even in government. Their educational attainment is normally what lands them in key positions.

It’s just unfortunate sometimes that the husbands whose wives enjoy a great career and a high pay can be intimidated. For the traditional husbands, in particular, who strongly believe they should be the provider, it can hurt their ego if they’re not earning as much as their wives. At times, this can even be the source of conflict among couples although it shouldn’t be that way.

So between the traditionalist and progressive, there’s really no ideal relationship. It’s really up to the couples on how they’re going to move on with their lives. They don’t have to stick to what’s traditional if they think they can both work and earn a living to better achieve the life they want for their family.

It’s definitely okay to break the norm particularly during these times when prices of products and services continue to go up. A wife whose husband is earning much is lucky that she can choose to become a homemaker for a long time or even for a lifetime. But then again, a wife who has earned a degree and would like to augment the family income can always choose to work as long as they fix their schedule and the kids are not taken for granted.

Striking a balance is very important when couples decide to work. One doesn’t have to get jealous over the accomplishment of the other because after all, the family will still benefit from it. What matters is the support and inspiration you give to each other as you journey through life.

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