A Deeper Meaning of Text Messages in a Relationship

You can get a guy to start noticing your presence by using texting method. The guy will take you as a normal person if you constantly reply all his texts hence this will make it hard for you to win their attraction.

The more you get the desire to possess what you don’t have; you will be making it easy for the guy to take advantage of the situation.

He will find it easy to get in touch with you by texting because he knows that you are very easy to get and they won’t find hard time.

You will yield fruitless results if you reply all his texts. He will consider this as a battle won on an easy ground hence he will have benefited from your acting lousy.

All I can tell you is that stop this act of replying all his texts if he has never asked you out on a date or even called you. Play it simple, don’t ignore him because you might lose him for good.

With this kind of life which is so tough, you don’t have to waste your precious time talking to someone who has no interest in you. What i am trying to say is that if you receive a text from him and it’s so inappropriate, don’t text back.

If you keep sending those messages on a daily basis it will give a wrong impression that you can’t live without them. They will only contact you in time of need or may be when they are bored which will make you turn out as a loser. This will give them more time to play around with you before they can even make the first move.

Try to pretend that you are so scarce which will show them that you are not easy to get. This will make them to realize what precious gold you are from which they will start getting in touch with the main intention of starting a relationship.

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