How to Date and Be Happy – Part I

Dating can be both a good and bad thing at the same time. As adults we want to have those times spent with others who can relate to us. It is hard to find contentment being alone most of the time.

Yet when you are just meeting someone and the person is a jerk it can spoil your evening. We would rather be alone than be with someone who is unpleasant, rude and worthless to be in a relationship with.

I would like to cover some basic principles of dating that hopefully will shed some light on how to do so more effectively.

1) Begin knowing what you are looking for – what you hope to get from the date should determine which direction you will go in when you choose your next dating partner.

a) I want to have a good time – then you need to find someone who is both fun to be with and fun to be around. Maybe a movie, dinner or dancing. At the end you want to say “I had a good time.” and end the night with a smile on your face.

b) I want to have sex tonight – then you have to be selective. It’s very hard to look at someone and be able to tell if they are a good bed partner. Typically the person who only wants sex is looking for a ‘booty call” (vulgar but correct) and so the other factors you could consider in dating go out the window. I personally don’t suggest dating for the sake of sex but I know many people do that anyway.

c) I want to be married – here you need to look for marriage material. You need to talk to your potential date before you actually go out and see if they have any desire for a long- term relationship. Some people let you know what they want and others reveal they only want a good time. I suggest that if you want a long- term relationship then don’t date people who only want a good time or casual sex. You will be disappointed if you do.

2) Be a good date – show up on time, be dressed for the occasion and make sure you smile a lot. Being pleasant can make a date more enjoyable. It also will help you to see the other person in the right light when you notice them being prepared as well.

Dating is necessary so we may as well date right.

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