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Hope you’ve been enjoying your Spring!

We’ve been having a blast between mini camping trips along the coast with Erik’s newest toy-the RV- and a week long trip to Mammoth this past month for some great Spring skiing, life is good!

As I have been sharing with you,

Spring is a time for shedding and reflecting, a process of change from the inside out. It’s a time when the bud releases it’s grip and blossoms seem brighter from winter’s rejuvenation. But, for those who are Single or those who are unhappily coupled, this can be a time when your inner doubts and fears can creep to the surface leaving you at across roads…

Will you focus on the negative judgments about yourself, your dates or your partner?

Will you continue to believe that the love you want isn’t possible?

That the problem is not you it is your partner/ date?

Will you continue to believe that others hold the key to your happiness


Will you make the decision to align with the truth, it is your birthright to be loved and love another?

Will you own the truth that you are a powerful creator?

Will you commit to do what it takes to find love and be who you need to be to have the love you want?

Take a moment to contemplate what is possible for you this season. June is fast approaching. In January, did you tell yourself this year will be my year for love? It’s not too late!

Take back your power to create success not just in your career, in your health and fitness, but in your love life too!

If you’re thinking… but I don’t have time right now, when I finish X then, I will date and make time for love. I want you to consider these two questions…

How long have you been telling yourself that?

When were you first told by someone you love, to wait until X when you wanted to be held, heard, seen and loved?

The choice really is yours…

Will you listen to your longing to be love and be loved? Or will you continue to ignore it & at what cost to you!?!

For all you busy single professionals, single moms, and couples with long to do lists… remember all work and no play is not the formula for creating love and happiness. Success is not measured in riches and acquisition of things. It’s measured in the wealth of love connections you’ve formed. Those love connections are what comfort us and support us through the ups and downs of life and matter most at the end of one’s life.

With summer fast approaching taking back your power and control over your schedule. Make time for the matters of your heart!!!

Embrace possibilities,

Michelle Conboy
[email protected]

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