Courtship, Engagement and Marriage in the Life of a Man Or a Woman

Courtship simply means the period of romantic relationship before marriage. The term Courtship has an old-style sound about it, and carries the brain back to the statelier manners of bygone days. These days we have no spare time for courtly greetings and elaborately-turned respects.

We are lessening many of the aged bonds, breaking down some of the old restraint, and, though it will seem betrayal to members of a past generation to say it, we are, let us hope, arriving at a less non-natural state of things.

During the march of evolution Marriage and the circumstances that lead up to it have undergone many and magnificent changes, though the deep-seated primary idea of having a companion of opposite sex has remained unaltered in essence.

As the savage of to-day steals or fights for his dusky bride, so did our own impolite forefathers of ancient time’s ages look to rapine and the sword as the natural means of procuring the mate who was to minister to their joys and necessities.

We have travelled far since then, and it would be impractical even to touch upon the main points of growth that have placed Engagement and Marriage upon their present footing amongst us. It is to be noted that no two countries have moved quite side by side in this matter. We find laws which regulate the conduct of man to woman different to some extent in every land, and what would be an act of courtesy in one country would be regarded as a serious breach of custom in another.

As the a girl of the twentieth century is bought by her spouse like a piece of furniture or a cooking utensil, so the child bride of ancient Rome used to take a formal farewell of her dolls and playthings, making a solemn offering of them to the Gods, before she was sold to the husband who was lawfully entitled to punch her if he liked, she being nothing but his slave in the eyes of the law.

No one has made a clean sweep of all the old formalities; there are still certain things which may and may not be done; and it is for this reason that a few hints on this ever new, ever-engrossing subject of Courtship and Marriage may be found helpful to those who are contemplating the most important step in the life of man or woman.

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