Choosing Fair Trade Gifts at Christmas Time

With British Summer Time ending and the nights drawing quickly in, winter is approaching and with reminders that December is looming, it’s inevitable that thoughts of Christmas start creeping into our minds. If you’re looking for an individual, unique and special gift for a loved one at Christmas time and want to find something a little bit different it may be a good idea to choose a fair trade gift.

Christmas time is all about sharing joy, hope and happiness and choosing a fair trade gift allows this joy to be spread beyond the presents under the tree or in the stocking hanging up by the fireplace in your living room. The Fair Trade Movement has become more prevalent in recent decades, with the goal to make sure that those producing goods in less-developed countries have the opportunity to improve their trading conditions while promoting sustainability. The Movement allows producers to sell at a higher price to exporters, so that they are not bargained down by the purchase power of the more powerful overseas buyers.

Fair trade gifts have that extra special element to them because they come with their own story of development and their origins. Usually made by hand through traditional, if somewhat old-fashioned techniques, an awful lot of care and effort will have gone into the making of a fair trade gift and they are of extremely high quality. Often you can purchase what is known as a ‘heritage’ gift. These are often a little pricier but the idea is that they become an heirloom in the family to be passed down through the generations.

Fair trade gifts vary widely from things for the home such as vases, ornaments and decorations to personal items – scarves and jewellery for instance. A gift for the home is a really lovely item to choose, as often we somewhat prioritise other items in the home over a lamp or vase which would look beautiful placed on our side board or coffee table.

Ethically fair trade gifts are really good for reflecting the personality of an individual. They are usually brightly coloured and really give a flavour of where they have been produced. They are a great present if the individual you are buying for likes to travel or has never been to their dream destination, finding a gift from a particular dream location or an area where they have a particular interest adds a personal touch to your present.

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