What If China, Russia, Or a Rouge Nation State Starts Shooting Down Satellites in a Conflict?

Well, there are now many nations capable of shooting down satellites, and might I ask if we really need any more? If humankind’s future is in space and beyond this oasis, Pale Blue Dot, space rock (space ship) on its way to wherever it is going then we have to be concerned with orbiting space debris. The Hollywood Movie “Gravity” we saw what happens when we have too much debris flying around how dangerous it can be.

If we have satellites exploding in space, we have 10s of thousands of parts still up there, debris we must track, each piece. The more debris that hits other satellites the more debris again like a cascading affect, and that in itself ought to cause us caution about a race to militarily own the “high-ground” because if one nation is at a disadvantage and about to lose a war, they might pull out all the stops and start shooting down satellites, once that happens the cat is out of the bad, thus, the problem now looks a lot like WMD proliferation whether it be biological, chemical, or even nuclear.

There is a very good report available at Stimson titled; “Anti-satellite Weapons, Deterrence and Sino-American Space Relations,” by Michael Krepon & Julia Thompson, Editors – September 2013. The first paper in this report is titled; “Space and Nuclear Deterrence,” by Michael Krepon and it obviously notes some of the future challenges from a single instance of an anti-satellite campaign, namely; “Space debris poses a clear and present danger in space analogous to the danger atmospheric testing posed to satellites and human exploration at the dawn of the space age.”

Consider if you will an article in Arabian Aerospace News in September titled; “Sphere Fear – Growing Industry Must Be Wary of a Space Jam – The 2013 Global Space and Satellite Forum was held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Abu Dhabi,” where it was noted; “The threat of space debris and its consequences to the industry must be confronted,” which is completely true in all regards.

Now then, do we need to have a meeting of the minds with China, Russia, Israel, India, Brazil, Canada, Japan, EU, Australia, United States, and what about the nations who are almost there like North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran?

What about all the other nations in the Middle East with space programs, all of this is dual technology – it can be used for good; communication, progression of mankind, and knowledge of the universe, it can help us bring new innovations to better the lives of billions of humans on this planet and others in the future, or it can be our undoing – do you see that point? It’s time the humans had a talk – a serious dialogue – that space is off limits – it must maintain a free zone. Please consider all this and think on it.

Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative series of eBooks on Future Space Concepts. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank; http://www.worldthinktank.net

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