Check a Date First – 3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace the Practice of Checking on Your Date

The online world has provided us, dating women, with 2 major “tools” when looking for Mr Right. First the convenience of the online dating sites which expand our options to meet people outside our narrow circle of friends and coworkers. And second the opportunity to background check a date prior to meeting anyone of interest.

Why do I consider the convenience of doing an online background check on your date a “blessing”?

1. Background checks give you an accurate idea of who you are going to meet. Sometimes it takes months and even years to truly get to know somebody. Because of the initial excitement around dating women tend to see their dates through pink glasses and often miss some inconsistencies in their stories or major flaws in their character. When doing background checks you get the picture right away. Criminal history, previous court judgments, credit history and bankruptcies, DUI records, driver license suspension, number of previous marriages-this abundant information might not reveal what the true interests and goals of your date are, but it says a lot about his character and level of maturity

2. Find out if he is a liar. Ok, so if you read the average profile on dating sites, you’ll find that 90% of all men are confident, down-to-earth, responsible, sensitive, tired of the bar scene and looking for that special woman. They are normally divorced or never married, have great jobs and are generally very happy with the state of their life at the moment with the exception of love. However in reality not all 90% of guys answer to that description. People lie about jobs, social status, marital status, financial stability, number of marriages they had, educational background, even about their age. Why? Sometimes they just want to seem “cool” or more attractive to the opposite sex. Other times their reasons are far from innocent. Dating background check is a wonderful “lie detector” that should be applied at the very beginning of the relationship.

3. Your safety and the safety of the people around you should be your priority. It’s a jungle out there in the dating world and people join dating sites almost every second for various reasons. The majority is in search of their soul mate or in many cases in search of a sexual partner. However there are these rare species who enter the dating game with different intents. Don’t underestimate the possibility of meeting people with criminal past or romance scammers. Make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

The internet has given us the chance to check a date and get instant results in the comfort of our own home. There are some excellent web sites out there which offer in-depth background reports for a minimal fee. Take advantage of that opportunity and know who you are going to meet.


Click on the link above for an instant background check on your date

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