You Are in Charge of How People Treat You

When we are in a relationship we have to evaluate it constantly, there are many types of relationship we come across in life but the one we will be discussing today is intimate relationships.

In every relationship there should be guidelines and boundaries but sometimes there are not; that is when you get into the specifics of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships.

The first stage in a relationship is called the infatuation stage, this is where a lot of us mess up and the relationship is doomed before it even starts. This stage in the relationship is when we should be the most brutally honest, instead in the beginning of the relationship this is where we tell the biggest lies about who we are and what we value.

Read the story below, which one is the liar in the story and which one tells the truth:

Jim meets a woman named Stacey. They hit it off and Jim asks Stacey for her phone number. Jim told Stacey that he will call her that night at 8:00 pm he did not, two days had past and Jim finally calls.

They carried on a two hour conversation (Stacey never once mention to Jim that he did not call when he said he would). He tells her that he can not wait to see her again and asks her out on a date for Friday night, she said yes they set the time for 7:00pm. Friday comes and Jim picks Stacey up at 8:30pm Stacey gets her coat and purse and goes out with Jim never once mentioning his tardiness.

Did you identify the liar in the story? Do you think Jim is the liar in the story or Stacy?

Well the answer is Stacey she has set the tone for the relationship, you might think Jim is the liar because he said one thing and done another.

Action speaks louder than words. The great Maya Angelou said “when someone tells you who they are believe them”. In other words he was showing her who he was from the beginning.

Stacey neglected to address the issues in the beginning that she had with Jim not being a man of his word, but because they had just met she did not say anything. She lied to him about her expectations by not sharing them. When you start off relationships with this foundation you are in for a life time of heartache, stress, and pain.

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