Why Can’t I Get A Boyfriend?

Are you unable to get a boyfriend? Are you lonely yet you long to have someone in your life that would love and cherish you? Is it just bad luck or are there some reasons why you can’t get a boyfriend?

i. Inability to love yourself. Yes I know you thought that he couldn’t know how badly you feel about yourself… but it actually shows in various ways.

Your physical appearance. You do not have to look a certain way in-order to love your body. Do you take care of your appearance? Do you stand up straight and confident? Or are you generally disheveled and dressed in clothes that do not flatter your body? And do you spend most of your time bent over in a bid to study the floor? If so then your body and physical appearance is telling him that you are unhappy and will probably bring that unhappiness to him… so he stays as far from you as is possible.

Inability to receive compliments. Another reason why you cannot get a boyfriend is your inability to actually believe that anyone (even the guy that you like) can think highly of you. When someone compliments you… what do you do? Do you turn away from the person and mumble something or do you deny the validity of the compliment by trying to explain it away or do you find a way to discount the compliment or do you change the subject without acknowledging the compliment? A man wants to know that he can make you happy so if his words of praise are always deflected then he feels that he cannot please you so he avoids you.

ii. Inability to love others. Yes you think that you love your friends and family members BUT if you have no problems bad mouthing them to others then you may not really love them. Do you have something bad to say about everyone (even your best friends)? Do you have to be the centre of attraction… and will do anything to steal the limelight. If someone notices how beautiful another gal is… are you the 1st to say something nasty about her in a bid to show that she isn’t that great? You are not building yourself in his eyes… you are showing him that you are not to be trusted which is why you can’t get a boyfriend.

Inability to give compliments. Are you able to see good in others and compliment them on that good? When is the last time you gave someone a genuine compliment? Do you spend your time being jealous of others and thus completely unable to say anything good to them? You can’t get a boyfriend if you cannot appreciate other people… or if you spend all your energy on jealous resentment.

If you are mingling with date-able men and yet cannot get a boyfriend then look at these 2 main issues to see if that is where the problem may be.

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