How Can I Make My Relationship Last?

There comes a time in almost all relationships, when one or the other partner will ask; how can I keep my relationship alive? This normally happens after the first flush of the relationship is over. This article will be looking at ways of telling what type of relationship you are in, and what can be done to maximise your enjoyment of that relationship.

Firstly, if you are questioning your relationship, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. It is quite normal, once you have got to know each other, that there should be a slight falling off in passion. You should accept this and not see it as the end of your relationship.

Once you have accepted that there will be less passion in your relationship, you are on the road to realising that less passion can often mean more intimacy. If you tread carefully and nurture this transitional stage in your relationship, you could be on the way to a relationship that will go the distance.

Sometimes though, once the passion has diminished, you see your partner clearly for the first time; this can sometimes be a shock. If you discover, at this stage, that you have nothing in common with your partner, then it may be best to move on.

It is rare for ‘grand passions’ to lead to stable and loving relationships. I feel that it is important to establish what type of relationship you are in and then enjoy it for whatever type it is. If it is very passionate, and all you can think about is sex with your partner, then enjoy that. If your relationship is built on friendship and trust as well as sex, then you may find that you are together for some time.

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