Why Building a Relationship of Trust is a Top Priority

Trust, like communication, lies at the heart of any relationship. Trust means the ‘firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something. In the following article we will look at why building trust is a top priority in an intimate relationship; however this might also apply to other kinds of relationships. Also refer to the article on ‘How to Build Up Trust in Your Relationship’ for further information.


When we have created a state of trust we must have been consistent in our actions, words and behaviours. This generally leads to believing in the continuation and seriousness of the relationship. It allows you to come to a resting place and calmness about the state of the relationship and not having to question whether your partner is walking away from the partnership anytime soon.


Trust is closely related to how much vulnerability and openness we allow. This is especially important for any long-term intimate relationship that has any intention to be deep and meaningful as opposed to a connection of convenience. The more trust there is, the deeper the sharing of your true self will become. So if you want your relationship to be meaningful and successful, focus on building a trusting atmosphere.


Having built a strong base of trust you will be more easily able to forgive your partner for their mistakes or misbehavior. The specific things that fall into the category of mistakes and misbehavior is depending on your values and ‘bottom line’, which is the line between what you want to tolerate and what is not acceptable. Trust allows understanding that a mistake does not have to mean that the love is gone. Similarly with that base level of trust you are allowed to be whom you are, with your flaws, irrationality and emotionality.


Trust hopefully also lets you make a differentiation between the ‘human being’ and the ‘human doing’. You can respect a person for whom they are, as your trust their ‘being’, even though you might not always like or accept their behaviour. A trusting relationship allows truth to be spoken, without having to fear the dissolution of the partnership.

Without trust being a top priority we can only expect a relationship that is based on fear and insecurity. These are the couples who live together without really being sure whether they can count on each other. I am sure that it is your wish to live in a relationship where trust is important, if you are reading this article. Make it your priority!

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Nathalie Himmelrich is the founder of ‘Reach for the Sky Therapy’ on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and specialises in ‘relationship related issues’. She is working with individuals and couples using techniques ranging from Counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming to Journey Therapy. She supports clients in their personal growth in a supportive and professional environment.

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