Blueprint For An Attraction Strategy That Gets Her To Take Notice

I know how it is. You put a lot of time and effort into doing nice things for her. You think up interesting things to talk about and do with her. You have tried to step up your wardrobe. And you even started that new Buff Before You Know It Program. And what do you have to show for it?


Maybe the occasional fake smile. Maybe the mandatory once every two weeks vanilla sexcapade. But mostly you get ignored. Or nagged or bitched at.

In this article I’m going to give you my blueprint for getting her to notice you in a whole new way. In a way that gets her to not just phone in her relationship with you, but to be present, attentive and anxious for what’s gonna happen next.

How to get her attention in a way that makes a difference.

1. Set yourself apart. What makes you unique? If you don’t know then how is someone else supposed to? Are you featuring your uniqueness, or are you trying to compete with everyone else to be “more normal.” Trust me after years of studying female behavior, women do not pursue guys who are normal.

2. Where are you going? Women want adventure. The first of the three reasons women get bored with and reject men is the blindingly obvious: she doesn’t want what you have to offer. Most men I know haven’t even given any thought to it. What about you? Sure, you want to give her a house and food and the occasional dinner and a movie. But what’s your adventure? Think about it.

3. Substance. Most guys think about substance they think about a really good stable job. This is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about taking your adventure and making it real. Today. What part of your adventure can you put into play this week? Make some phone calls. Find out.

4. Limited admission. This is a big subconscious trigger. Keep your project secret initially. Once you have some major momentum and results going, then you can let her in on it. This will be a big eye-opener for her. And she needs to feel like she’s a member of an exclusive group. Like the rockstar’s girlfriend.

5. Presence. This is a combination of a lot of factors. Confidence. The ability to handle judgment, ridicule and let-downs without throwing a tantrum or getting childish. A genuine attentiveness and interest in others. A lack of superficial concern for whether your girl is happy or sad or mad at you. Knowing it doesn’t affect your well-being goes a long way to making you someone she can turn to for support.

Lots of good stuff there. Get to work.

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