The Best Way to Say Sorry After a Forgotten Anniversary

Anniversaries are special occasions for couples, especially for women. Women treat anniversaries as something sacred. I’m not saying that it is not important to us guys but compared to them, there’s an awful lot of difference. For example, if you miss it by any chance and for any reason at all, man you’re dead. A forgotten anniversary spells war which translates into a never-ending argument and I have to tell you that war wouldn’t be something you’d wish to experience in a thousand years. It ain’t gonna be pretty. Imagine how pissed off a woman would be when their partner forgets the date of their anniversary. What is more difficult is finding ways to say sorry. A woman wouldn’t readily forgive a man after he has forgotten such an important event in their relationship. That’s a fact.

So, what’s the best way to say sorry for a forgotten anniversary? My answer is, “Do a Dianne.” Dianne is a lady colleague of mine. She is a class A lady who has the power to make any man go crazy about her. And you know how difficult class A ladies can become whenever they get disappointed, right? I named this move after her because once in her life, her boyfriend (now her husband) stupidly forgot their anniversary. What’s worse is that, Dianne prepared for it like how class A ladies do. Yes. A new dress, a scrumptious dinner, wonderful music, flowers, candles, champagne and the whole lot! And a very beautifully wrapped box with the best anniversary present in it.

To cut the story short, her boyfriend got home pretty late, missed the dinner and only realized what deep trouble he is in the moment he saw the dinner table and Dianne sleeping in their room wearing her new, sexy, little black dress.

What the hell is a Dianne then? This was the move her then boyfriend did to get out from the dumpster.

Here’s what you’ll need.
Red and white roses – Lots of it!
Scented candles
A Chinese take out, or any take out of your favorite restaurant. But if you are a master in the kitchen, by all means, make her the best breakfast you can muster.
A very pretty piece of jewelry (ideal) But if you don’t have the time to go to Tiffany’s or do not have the power to make them serve you at midnight, at least something beautiful and expensive.
Good music. However, if you have the skills to play any musical instruments, it will be much better if you will play a song or two for her. (Dianne’s then boyfriend, now husband, played the piano for her.)
A big Teddy
An “I’m Sorry” card

How to do a Dianne?
Get the petals of the roses make a trail from her bedroom to the kitchen. Add the scented candles for more drama. Don’t forget to light them! Your goal here is to make a pathway. Leave one white rose intact. It will serve as your “sorry rose.” At the hallway, place the big teddy at a spot where she will surely see it. Let Teddy hold the “I’m Sorry” card. Place your present on the dinner table. Then wake her up either through the good music you will play (may it be by the cd player or by you) or the aroma of the food you will cook (if you can cook) or just by both. When she wakes up, and gets to her destination which happens to be the dining room, give her your “sorry rose” followed by you present.

A Dianne is a sure winner! Forgiveness guaranteed. However, by the looks of it, it will definitely cost you a lot. That’s why it is always best to just remember the damn date! Don’t you think?

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