Avoid These Mistakes to Get Your Ex Back Faster

When you’ve lost your love and want them back, there are some good things to do and some bad things to do. Taking a little time to learn about the bad things to do will actually help you to get your ex back much faster.

One big mistake people commonly make is to argue with their ex’s over what happened. You should see it my way, I’m really right, you just don’t understand, you’re being too sensitive, etc.

Arguing may seem like your best choice, but it isn’t. Arguing may have been the reason you broke up. More of it isn’t going to bring them back. You argue and they’ll just believe they did well to leave you.

Instead, listen to them. Get their views. Let them vent about their opinions about what happened and what you did wrong. You don’t need to argue. Letting them get their feelings off their chest will make it much more likely they will want you back. Be a good listener instead of a loud arguer.

Another mistake is to stalk them. Stalking happens in many ways. Phoning them ten times a day is phone stalking. Text-ing them is text stalking. Following them around and sitting outside their house is physical stalking. It is actually illegal!

Phone stalking will just make them think you are desperate and weak. They will again think they made a good decision leaving you. Don’t scare your mate by stalking them, and don’t validate their decision to leave you!

If you are obsessing on your mate this is actually somewhat normal. But instead of leaving twenty messages a day, do this instead. Tell a close friend that you are obsessing. Share with your friend how desperate you feel. But don’t let your ex see any stalking from you!

Instead of phoning them twenty times, there are much better ways to get them back. There are proven reconnect strategies that can often get them back in your arms beginning in just hours from now.

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