How to Ask a Guy Out Without Sounding Desperate? These Tips Will Help You Do That the Right Way

In these post modern times when Facebook and other social media have made interaction between the sexes so easy, asking a guy out should not be a problem. What you have to guard against is that you do not appear desperate. So, how do you kill two birds with the same stone? Well, read on to find out.

Stop being friendly
Stop being his friend in the classical sense and let him know that you are woman. Stop wearing clothes that are neutral like jeans and sweat shirt/T-shirts. Start dressing like a lady. He has to stop considering you as one of the boys and begin to see you like a woman.

Get closer by sending subtle signals
Now you will have to start sending subtle signals to him so that he realizes that you have designs on him. Use your body and your eyes to convey what is on your mind. Winking or casual groping should do the trick. However, do it in a discreet manner.

Get a little physical
Now from casual touching you will have to graduate to the next level and get physical in a more overt manner. Stop the high fives and begin giving him hugs and pecks. Space out the hugs and pecks in such a manner that you don’t come across as desperate for his touch. Shaking his hand a bit longer than you normally do or hugging him tightly will suffice.

Go for indirect dates
The best way to get him warmed up for dates is by spending some alone time having fun with him. Book tickets for two for the latest releases that hit your town. Call him up and tell him that you have a spare ticket and would like to invite him. After the movie take him for a quick bite. This routine should be followed for a month or two.

Now get personal
By now he will become quite familiar with you. Begin discussing your personal issues with him. This will draw him closer to you emotionally as he will get involved in your personal life.

Do him a favor
Once you are sure that he has made some emotional investment in you, start doing small favors for him. Picking up his laundry or sitting all night and helping him with his presentation or leaving his car to the service station and stuff like that. He will now be a little indebted to you and you can take the next step.

Ask him out
Once you are sure that you have a good equation, then one fine day ask him if he would like to come on a date with you. Tell him that there is no pressure and he can cancel if he has other plans. He will find it very difficult to turn down your proposal.

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