What to Do If You Always Get Rejected by Girls

I have to say this. Women are very vicious creatures. They smell fear and the moment they sensed it, they will use it against you. They know their strengths and weaknesses like how engineers have mastered the formula for a sturdy bridge and they manage it pretty well. However, the instant you’ve won against their quizzical tactics and have established yourself as someone they can consider as someone higher than them or at least their equal, you can consider yourself as someone who’s dug gold in the most unexpected place.

The process of getting a lady be all over you is more of like taming a wild fox. And it all starts with the first approach. And that’s exactly what your problem is. You can’t even pass through the first step. You get dumped at the first hello. There are a plenty of good reasons why this happens to you. Whatever the case is, let me share with you a couple of tips that might be helpful for you to at least get pass through the introduction phase.

Wear what fits you right!
• I personally recommend you to read fashion magazines for men. It’s not really harmful, you know. You can get a lot of tips from those silky pages when it comes to aesthetic issues.
• Basically, just remember to wear something that isn’t too tight yet not too loose. Buy shirts and pants that are just right. Do not be conscious if you are lanky and too thin. Loose shirts won’t help you look like you’ve gained pounds. In fact, it will even magnify how thin you are. The same thing goes with tight outfits. You don’t want to be mistaken as someone who is always having a ballet recital, right? Or worst, gay. As for the guys who are way out of adolescence and is still carry “baby fats,” believe it or not, the same thing apply to your lot too! Remember: not too tight, not too loose…wear something that is just right.

Be pleasantly presentable.
• Again, do not hesitate to venture the silky pages.
• You can also ask a lady friend or if you have some extra cash, hire a stylist.
• You need to get a decent haircut. And by a decent haircut, I mean a style that will compliment the shape of your face. Now, if you want to try dying your hair, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just make sure it compliments the color of your eyes.
• It is important that you always wear a clean looking face and a sincere smile. How can that be possible if you are full of zits and your teeth are like of a caveman’s? Go to a dermatologist and have your zit problems solved. Visit your dentist and inquire on how your teeth will turn into a civilized group of white blocks. It may cost you but, the confidence that you’ll have after, is all worth it!
• Consider the term “work out.” Whether you’re fat or thin, exercise helps.

Feed your brain.
• Make sure that you know stuffs like art, politics, history, sports and everything in between. Stock knowledge helps big time when it comes to catching a girl’s attention. What’s a beautiful package if it’s but an empty shell anyway?

Skills also matter.
• Think of those guys who can play musical instruments, paint, write poems and play football. Got the picture? Case closed.

Remember that it’s like investing on a certain business which happens to be you. Once you’ve earned more points, which will happen if you work on bettering yourself, you will become more marketable. Who knows? Time would come that it’ll be the girls who will do the first move!

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