9 Ways You Can Tell That Your Relationship Is Over

Have you been wondering if your waning relationship is worth saving? Here’s how to tell if the relationship is really over.

Your mate stops apologizing for hurting your feelings

If your mate doesn’t at least acknowledge that they have hurt you, it could mean that they have stopped caring about your emotional state. You will have to detach yourself from them just in order to be able to tolerate his presence or end the relationship to avoid being hurt by him again.

Your mate stops mentioning you when he talks about the future

They don’t plan on being with you in the near future and is only still around out of convenience. Your mate may or may not be making plans to be with someone else. Either way it goes, they want you to know that you are not included.

Your mate stops coming home at night

Whatever your mate is doing or whomever he is with is more important than the relationship. They may be hanging out at the club with their coworkers or they may be with a lover. Regardless the behavior is disrespectful and usually leads to them staying away for good.

Your mate stops complaining

When your mate complains it more than likely means they want you to do certain things so that they can feel good about being around you or because they think it’s beneficial to you to do so. If they no longer bother, it could mean that they have grown tired of you not taking their advice and no longer cares about you or your life.

Your mate stops asking for sex

There are several reasons your mate could have given up on sex with you. However, if you haven’t fallen out with each other and you are still desirable—they could be making love to someone else.

Your mate is constantly in a good mood without you knowing the reason

If your mate has been upset and has suddenly cheered up without making amends with you, there is a good chance they have met someone else.

Your mate has stopped answering the telephone while they are out

There is a good possibility that they are with someone who doesn’t know that your mate is in a relationship are who is taking precedence over you.

Your mate’s children don’t like you

When push comes to shove, your mate will have to choose their children over your relationship with them if their children begin to cause too many problems for you to be able to get along when they are around. They may begin to doubt that they have chosen a suitable partner.

Your mate admits their cheating and does nothing to hide it.

Pack up your bags and move right away.

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