7 Vital Things Every Man Wants in a Woman! Here is What Every Woman Must Follow Right Away

A man might say that he is the spontaneous sort and doesn’t have a list when it comes to traits that he would want in his woman but he would be lying. There are some traits that every man wants in a woman and here are seven of those.

An intelligent woman
A man might date an airhead but we all know what he’s after there. When he is looking at a woman he wants to be with, he will want one who is intelligent. Her being beautiful just is the upper crust and can lead to the initial attraction. But for anything long term, intelligence and a matching wavelength is imperative.

She’s not overbearing
A man definitely looks for a woman who’s not the overbearing sort. To be confident is one thing but making the man do only what you want doesn’t work with them. An attitude that says that “it’s either my way or the highway”; doesn’t work to make a relationship function in a healthy manner.

She respects space and boundaries
Everyman’s prized possession is his space. He wants the woman he is going o be with to understand that. Men hate it when women take up this alone time that they have and make them do stuff that they hate. So don’t egg him on when he wants to go out alone with his boys.

She’s not a pushover
A man also wants his woman to be self assured and confident. He doesn’t want to be stuck with a pushover who will abide by what everyone else asks her do to and will not have a clue as to what she wants.

She’s comfortable with her femininity
He wants his woman to burn up the board room and is proud of her success. But at the same time he wants his woman to be in tune with her feminine side and be charming, caring and nurturing.

She’s exciting
A man also looks for excitement in a relationship. He wants to be with a woman who excites him and is not afraid of experimenting. She is the one who is spontaneous and loves a challenge. All these traits make the relationship exciting with never a dull moment.

She respects him
A man also wants to be with a woman who respects him for what he is. Gone are the days of male dominance and all relationships are based on equality. A man wants to be with such a woman who respects him not for the amount he earns but for the qualities that he has.

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