7 Ingredients in Fixing a Broken Marriage

Saying “I Do” is easy but it takes a great responsibility in making it work out. There are areas in our lives that we tend to give up and suddenly realized that you still want to fix the broken pieces.

Here are the sweet ingredients to fix the broken marriage:

1. TALK. Communication can fix the broken relationship again. Talk about your feelings about each other. Tell your partner what hurts you most and be honest about your fears. Broken marriages happen if the other person doesn’t want to experience the fear of losing someone, so before this happen, they tend to counter attack by saying “goodbye”. Try to tell your partner about this fear (you might not know, he also feel the same thing).

2. REMINISCE. Look back when the love started. Re-kindle those cherished times together. Feel the long forgotten magical feeling that you both had before. Just imagine that you two meet because there is this one sweet feeling they call LOVE. The relationship started with love, so that means that it is there, it only needs some digging.

3. MEET HALF-WAY. Have something that you both agree. Each couple have different reasons and reactions. You must agree on something that will not lead to argument. Avoid those factors that can hurt your partner. Try not to change the person you marry, embrace what that person is really is. Respect each person.

4. BOND. Go to movies together. Dine out without the kids. Go jogging together this will build the communication gap between you and your partner. Have time for the two of you without excess baggage.

5. WRITE. Even if they say that this is obsolete yet this will still have great impact in the relationship. Send your partner a love note, a greeting card or even as little as a sticky note and stick it to your partner’s journal.

6. LAUGH. Joke around each other. This is always forgotten in every relationship. Partners tend to go deeper in serious things that they forget to laugh. Crack a joke sometimes and make funny faces. Look back those funny experiences together.

7. FOCUS. Let your world evolve in each other. Let the relationship grow by not looking around. Stay focus in each other. Broken marriages happen when a person opens the window of possibility. Possibilities of meeting other people who might be a candidate of ruining the marriage. Have a pledge of commitment that your heart, mind and soul should focus on each other and in strengthening your marriage.

Try these ingredients of fixing your broken marriage and I know that this will create a very delicious recipe of a “STRONG MARRIAGE”.

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