5 Tips to Make Friends in a New City

If you’re in the process of moving to a new city and want to know how to make new friends, these are my 5 best tips to dominate it!

1. What interests you: If you like hip-hop dancing, join a team or take classes. If you want to try snowboarding, do it! In my case, I have always been a musician so it was instinct for me to find local venues in the area. I tell people I’m new to the area and we quickly start bonding on bands we’re interested in, the music scene, etc.

2. Find local hotspots: I found that one of the best things to do even before you land foot in the new city, is to check out what other people are saying about the venues. For example, when I moved to Los Angeles for the first time, I instantly went on sites such as Yelp to look up spots that might interest me such as “Nightlife,” “UFC Gym,” and “music venues.” I may sound like a promotion, but it helped me weed out the good from the bad, from the really bad. These venues are going to be my second home, so it is definitely worth investing some time to research and find out what type of people you’ll be surrounding yourself with.

3. Milk the “newbie” card. What’s great about being the new guy in town is that people can understand you may not know people. It’s not weird or awkward going out by yourself. All I did was simply go to new venues, make quick small talk and drop that “I’m new in town and don’t know anyone. I wanted to see what the nightlife was all about.” And too be honest, if you have a good archetype you should have no problem with this. By doing exactly this, people usually immediately introduced me to their friends and people that they were associated with. In fact, one girl even went out of her way to meet new people with me just so I could add more people to my network! How cool is that!

4. Build your own social group. Lets say you want to surround yourself with like-minded people. Maybe “young professional” types. At first, I’d try searching for such existing groups online and if there are some group functions available, I’d get acquainted with people within similar niches. However, if you can’t find groups like that make one yourself! For one of my friends, I thought it was cool how he brought out the young single professionals and put them in a venue together!

5. More than anything, have fun. The new city is going to be your new home so make the venues you frequent worthwhile and find like-minded people you can be yourself fully.

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